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Scent Profile: Lavender

Scent Profile: Lavender


S C E N T   P R O F I L E

Lavender, or Lavendula, is a hugely popular, shrubby plant indigenous to the mountainous regions of the western Mediterranean countries such as Spain, France and Italy. It is widely cultivated in these countries, as well as in England and in places as far north as Norway, for its well-known, fragrant flowers. In recent years, Lavender has also begun growing in Australia specifically as a perfume plant. 

The herb’s aromatic oil, highly lauded as a deeply calming scent, is found in all parts of the shrub but only the flowers and their stalks are able to produce the fine essential oil. This in-demand product is frequently used in perfumery, aromatherapy, culinary fields and even traditional medicine. Whilst there is no evidence for the health benefits of lavender, it is said to, for example, improve sleep, treat blemishes and reduce high blood pressure.

One characteristic of the plant that we are particularly interested in at The Master Herbalist is its ability to repel insects. Dried Lavender Flowers are still frequently used to perfume linen for this very reason, their powerful fragrance supposedly preventing moth attacks and some even suggest that Lavender rubbed onto the skin will stop mosquito bites.

With our very own blend of Lavender & Neem Oil, made with Certified Pure Lavender Essential Oil containing Pure English Lavender and Lavandin, we have used two natural moth repellents to create a rich, fresh fragrance for our drawer liners and wardrobe fresheners. Available in an array of beautiful designs, these are perfect for any space and far more appealing than typical, chemical moth balls.

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