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About the Artist: William Morris

by Ellie J on Apr 14, 2022

About the Artist: William Morris

William Morris


William Morris (1834-1896) was a British textile designer, poet, novelist, translator and socialist activist who not only dramatically influenced the fashion, ideologies and taste of the Victorian era, but also became one of the most significant figures in the arts and crafts movement. At Simply Drawer Liners and The Master Herbalist, we have been inspired hugely by William Morris and his artwork, as demonstrated through our Willow and Pinks and Roses designs seen both on our drawer liners and wardrobe fresheners.


He was born in Walthamstow, Essex and after studying Theology at Oxford, Morris went on to train as an architect before founding his firm, ‘Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co’ in 1861, now known as ‘Morris & Co’ after he took full control in 1875. The firm became very popular and high in demand with Morris designing wallpapers, fabrics, tapestries and stained glass windows that revolutionised interior design throughout the Victorian period.


Pictured above is our own pattern (seen on both our drawer liners and wardrobe fresheners), inspired by Morris’ the ‘Willow Bough’ design. The inspiration behind ’Willow Bough’ were the trees Morris would see on his country walks and it soon became one of his favourite designs, using it frequently for his wallpaper and textiles. Morris developed a love for the natural world that began to feed into his work, with many of his other wallpaper designs also based on plant forms that he studied himself.

With nature being a huge inspiration for us here at Simply Drawer Liners and The Master Herbalist, we personally love the elegance and beautifully natural feeling of this design. As said by William Morris himself, the ideal pattern will have “unmistakable suggestions of gardens and fields” and we hope to evoke the same in many of our own patterns.

Pinks and Roses

'Pink and Rose' is a later design of Morris' and with it, he wanted to encapsulate beauty, imagination and order whilst sticking to his usual motif of nature.


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