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Scent Profile: Neroli

Scent Profile: Neroli


S C E N T   F O C U S

Neroli, currently an incredibly popular fragrance, is the name given to the essential oil produced from the flowers of bitter orange trees (Citrus Aurantium) and is also known as Orange Blossom oil. Obtained through steam distillation, the oil has a sweet, rich fragrance with strong notes of citrus and honey, and pairs well with other floral, citrus, herbal, woody and spiced scents.

Bitter Orange Trees grow up to ten metres tall with thick leaves and small, beautifully white flowers. Gathered by hand in the Springtime, it takes a vast amount of these blossoms for even one quart of the oil and this results in a particularly high cost.

The tree itself produces three separate types of oil: bitter orange made from the peel, petitgrain oil taken from the leaves and lastly, neroli from the flowers. Due to its expense, neroli is regarded as the most precious.

However, the allure of Neroli doesn’t stop there. Not only is it reputed to be one of the ingredients in Coca-Cola’s secret recipe, the scent’s namesake is Marie Anne de La Trémoille, Princess of Nerola, after she first popularised the fragrance when using it as a perfume for her baths. 

Our Neroli & Bergamot scented drawer liners and wardrobe fresheners have been popular since they were first released and are available in a variety of designs: classical Heron design, William Morris ‘Willow', Japanese Pen Print and Geometric pattern in pink.

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