WE DO SHIP OUTSIDE THE UK, however at the moment you will not be able to checkout directly without contacting us unkless you live in the USA or CANADA or IRELAND.

We apologise for the hassle but the combination of huge shipping inflation, difficulties with international shipping partners and global borders we have turned off the automatic website checkout outside the UK.

We are very happy to fulfil your orders for you, but we just need to get you a custom shipping price.


You will be unable to complete your order directly through the website.

To fulfil an order outside the UK:

  • Choose the items you want on our website
  • Proceed as far as you can in the checkout process, including entering your email and full address.
  • You will be unable to apply shipping as your address is outside the UK but you will have created a draft order.
  • Please then email us at with your name and confirm your address. We will find your order, confirm the postage costs for your location and apply a discount to remove the 20% of UK VAT from your order.
  • You will receive an email from us with a custom shipping rate entered. You can then choose whether or not to proceed and enter payment details as normal.


  • All our International Shipping is done on DAP terms. (see below)
  • All international orders outside the UK have no right of refund or return due to the prohibitive shipping costs of receiving returned goods.
  • Due to the extra administrative processes involved and the risk of shipping items internationally there is a MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY of £50.
  • All shipping is done via UPS tracked and signed as this is the only way we can guarantee delivery.
  • GOOD NEWS - you will not have to pay UK VAT (20% on your order).


All our International Shipping is done on DAP terms (Delivery at Place). You accept these terms when you place an order on our website.

This means that you, the customer, are responsible for import clearance and any applicable local taxes or import duties. What these fees are depends on your countries import laws applicable of the HCC code of the products you buy. Should you want an estimate of these fees do contact us and we can help you generate one.

Should your order be returned to us due to non payment of import fees by you, the customer, we will not refund your order as we will be liable for the return shipping and administrative charges.

You will be liable for any additional charges we incur due to your failure to pay your import fees.

We apologise for the bother and are in the process of improving our export procedures and carriers to make all of this a smoother process.