Remedy for Man Flu
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Dr Bullfarber's Man Flu Remedy

Remedy for Man Flu

Dr Bullfarber's Man Flu Remedy

This novelty cure makes the ideal stocking filler or jokey present for that man who is overly prone to a dose of the Man Flu and the ensuing self-pity. Does he want your pity? Does he feel a bit too sorry for himself? Then why not treat him to this Herbal Cure!
  • Novelty Cure for Man Flu
  • The perfect gift for the poorly man in your life!
  • Contains 4 Herbal Bath Bags to soak away the aches.

This is an IDEAL STOCKING FILLER, FUN GIFT or small something to poke fun at some-one and hopefully ‘cure’ them!

Contains: 4 x Scented herbal bath balls which release refreshing oils of herbs into your bath. Contents of the Scented herb balls are: Thyme, Hops, Mint, Rose, Southernwood, Sage, Rosemary & Coltsfoot.

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